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The dreaded chafe!

Let's face it, we've all chafed at some point in our lives. You may have even experienced the awful red, raw, irritated skin between our thighs on a hot day, or a nasty chafe under the arms or boobs from working out. But why are we plagued with the 'chub-rub'?


First up, don't worry - it's not your fault and it's not a major medical condition. It's simply the result of too much skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothes contact, with not enough lubrication, resulting in friction on the skin.. That's all!


The most common areas of chafing are your breasts, nipples & bra line, armpits, thighs, bottom, feet and toes. This is because these areas are prone to that friction we just mentioned, and when you add heat and moisture into the equation, you're destined for an unpleasant chafe. 


Chafing can affect anyone! It is not just for those of us who like to wear dresses in the summer, swimwear at the beach, or those who workout obsessively in short shorts - chafing does not discriminate!  It can happen any time anywhere and often when you least expect it. But don’t worry, CurveBalm will keep you ahead of the game. 


Where we find our customers use CurveBalm the most. 


How to apply CurveBalm

Apply a pea sized amount of balm wherever you chafe.

Rub in with your hands and leave to soak into your skin.

Now go live your best life, friction and care free!

Top up throughout the day if needed.


How CurveBalm works

Creates a protective barrier on the skin 
Promotes movement 
Prevents friction 
Allows you to move with ease 
Oil based formula allows your legs to move together without rubbing or pain 
Chamomile & Jasmine have healing properties to keep your skin soft and safe