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We understand how important it is to take steps, however small, to protect our much loved planet, so we’ve broken down each element of our packaging here to help you know the best way to recycle. 
The postal tube - we’d love you to reuse if possible, they are great for storing your makeup brushes or keeping smaller documents safe. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, they can be put straight in your household recycling bin, even the black caps on top and bottom can be recycled! 
The pink cardboard carton - pop straight in your household recycling bin when you have finished with it - easy! 
The plastic product tube - Unfortunately small plastic items are not widely recycled as they’re difficult to sort and often not revenue generating for recycling business.  But we couldn’t take no for an answer so decided to set up our very own recycling scheme. It’s pretty simple - once you have finished with your tube, please email us at and we will send you instructions to get it back to us for bulk recycling.
As a company, we are committed to staying informed on the latest recyclable packaging options and look forward to moving to more sustainable tubes in the future.