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Cruelty Free

Absolutely no harm to our furry friends!

Only 5 ingredients

Suitable for all skin types.

Because chafing shouldn’t ruin your day.

We want to say “so long” to chub rub, and any other kind of rub for that matter.

For years, millions of people all over the world have been suffering in silence from chafing with nothing but Google and a few home remedies to turn to. We even had some weird and wonderful solutions ourselves (nappy rash cream, anyone?).

But we had an epiphany - there has to be a better way to solve this extremely common problem! And that is how CurveBalm was born.


See what our customers said about CurveBalm.

Game Changer!

"CurveBalm has changed the way i'm dressing overnight! I finally feel confident enough to get my legs out!"

— Amanda Stoves | UK

It Works!

"Never normally write reviews but had to for this! I couldn't recommend CurveBalm enough. Finally an anti-chafing balm that actually works."

— Emilia Sofía | Spain

Love it!

"After suffering so badly for years with thigh chafing, I feel like I can finally stop being so self conscious and actually enjoy the warmer days without wearing shorts under my dresses."

— Danielle Caine | UK

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